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Sights & Optics

Sights & Optics

Range-ready optics and sights from Sig Sauer, Magpul, and Holosun.

Sending rounds downrange effectively means getting the right optic and iron sight setup on your handgun or AR. That's why we're excited to offer some of the highest quality reflex red dot sights and back-up iron sights from the most popular makers in the optic industry. Want a battle-proof tube sight that won't break the bank? Check out Sig's Romeo MSR. Need a micro red dot to fit atop that new, custom slide for your GLOCK or P80 build? Consider Holosun's X2 MRS. And for perfect co-witness with easy adjustability, check out Magpul's Front Flip-Up Iron Sight.

Optics vs Irons: Why Not Both?

Iron sights provide the highest reliability: They don't require batteries, and breaking a front or rear sight requires serious force. They require more skill to master, though: Parallax and eye placement directly affects sight alignment with the target. They also provide a narrow field of view. Optics - especially red dot sights - provide parallax-free aiming: No matter where your targeting eye is behind the target, the point of aim will match the point of impact. They also provide a wide field of view. Except they require batteries and lenses, which can break.

So, why not both? That's where flip-up sights and co-witnessing come in: With a set of BUIS sights like those from Magpul, and a reliable reflex sight like those from Sig and Holosun, you get to enjoy the most accuracy and reliability with your AR. Grab your entire setup right here.

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