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Red Dot Sights

Red Dot Sights

Easy-attach, fast-action red dot reflex sights for your AR-15 or handgun.

Improve your shot game and send rounds downrange confidently and quickly with a red dot sight. We've partnered with Sig Sauer and Holosun to acquire a carefully-selected catalogue of lightweight, rugged, easy-to-adjust red dot sights that make acquiring an accurate sight picture (and sight alignment) virtually error-free.

Parallax-Free Reflex Sights

Reflex sights are the smallest of the family of red dot sights, and they're the most affordable. They utilize a single plane of high-strength, multicoated glass that focuses the reticle, projected by a small laser beam, projecting it back toward the shooter. This red dot eliminates the need for prisms, mirrors, and two lenses - which also cuts down on size, weight, and cost. But reflex sights provide the same functionality, accuracy, and easy-to-adjust reticle as more expensive holographic sights. Most of all, this provides parallax-free aim: Wherever the dot is pointing is where your round will land, no matter where your targeting eye is placed behind the reticle.

Waterproof and Shock-Proof Red Dots

The red dot units we chose all provide IP68 waterproof ratings, providing the ability to be totally submerged for up to 30 minutes. They're completely sealed against dust and debris and they maintain high shock-proof ratings, enough to handle large magnum loads on any handgun or tactical rifle. They won't lose zero or flicker when the trigger's pulled. Ever.

The Holosun Failsafe

Sig Sauer's red dot sights provide an impressive 50,000 hours of runtime on a single battery. If you want a virtually never-dead red dot that can literally run forever, check out Holosun's units. Each one is equipped with a solar panel that, with even moderate light, can provide full power to the reticle. They even automatically adjust the reticle's brightness based on the ambient light.


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