Easy Jig Gen 1 (80% Lower Jig) with Tooling



If you’re looking for the most affordable and easiest-to-use 80% lower jig ever, you’ve found it. The Easy Jig Gen 1 with the included tooling represents the most cost-effective way of building an AR-15 in the comfort of your own home, no FFL or background check required. Capable of completing 20 lowers or more, the Easy Jig Gen 1 is a one-time investment that allows you to keep adding to your collection affordably. Some innovative designs went into the Easy Jig Gen 1 to make it the most popular 80% lower jig currently available on the market:

  • 100% compatible with any manufacturer's 80% lower
  • Completes 20+ 80% lowers
  • Completes 80% lowers in 45 minutes!
  • Drilling guide plates are constructed of solid aluminum
  • Built-in, high-speed bearing reduces end mill bit flex by 59% (compared to other jigs)
  • Jig mounts to lowers using the same exact contact points an upper receiver will attach to create the most accurate, true center fire control group area
  • Milling Guide Template Cavities on top plate guides and eliminates common fail points
  • Never buy another jig again; Each plate is individually replaceable
  • Does not require drill press, expensive mill or pricey drill depth guides

Building an 80% lower into a stripped AR-15 lower receiver with the Easy Jig Gen 1 is 100% legal in all 50 states. If you can otherwise legally own a gun in your state, you can buy an 80% lower and the Easy jig, and get to building. No FFL or background is required to manufacture a lower in your own home for personal use. Everything ships straight to your front door, no paperwork required! 

No FFL required  Made in the USA  Lifetime Warranty

Shipping Restrictions

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