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Easy Jig GEN 1 (80% Lower Jig) Tooling
$59.99 $49.95 (You save $10.04)
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Free Shipping on all orders $325+



Operating the Easy Jig Gen 1 is easy and requires little to no experience – but keeping it running accurately and safely requires investing in quality, replacement tooling as you continue to machine your lowers. It’s strongly recommended to replace your end mill bit with every other lower, and we strongly suggest you replace your drill bits every three lowers.

The tooling in this kit comes directly from Easy Jig and ensures compatibility and safety:

  • 3/8” Drill Bit
  • 19/64” drill bit
  • 5/32” drill bit
  • 3/8” drill stop collar
  • Solid Carbide ¼” end mill - custom made with super short 0.75 in flutes for optimal performance

Using old and worn-out drill bits and end mill bits is dangerous, and could result in injury or death. Don’t cut corners – cut your next lower with precision and invest in new, replacement parts.

    Note: This tooling kit is designed to work with the Easy Jig (80% Lower Jig) which requires the use of a handheld router or mill. Due note, this tooling is NOT compatible with the Strong 80% Lower Jig or Standard 80% Lower Jig, or other non-brand specific 80% lower jigs.

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    Easy Jig GEN 1 (80% Lower Jig) Tooling

    $59.99 $49.95 (You save $10.04)
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    Free Shipping on all orders $325+

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