CA Compliant Serialized 80% Lower

CA-E-AR2180-BAL 1


Serialized lowers will require a signature upon delivery, this is non-negotiable. We do not want the serialized lowers to be stolen and by requiring a signature, we will be minimizing this risk as well as keeping your information safer in case of a stolen lower receiver in transit. California has attempted to restrict the at-home gunsmiths building AR-15 lowers by instituting needless legislation, called AB 857.

That legislation requires your new lower to be engraved and serialized before you even machine it into a legal firearm. We’re here to ensure that process is easy and hassle-free with our new, CA-compliant, serialized 80% lowers! With the included options on the product page, you can fill out all the serial, city, state, and manufacturer information you need engraved on your lower so that you can order it and machine it without the need to visit a gunsmith.

Engraving guidelines

Below are some important engraving guidelines you must adhere to, to ensure your lower is compliant with AB 857:

  • Serial number: You decide your serial number. We recommend less than 12 text characters. You may use any combination of numbers or letters. You will need to have a unique serial number for each firearm per ATF ruling.
  • S/N, caliber: We will mark your receiver with “Cal: Multi”. Please reference photos to see an example.
  • Manufacturer’s name: Enter the name of the builder who will be completing the lower receiver. You cannot exceed 30 text characters, this would include any spaced. It is best to use your full first and last name.
  • Manufacturer’s city and state: Enter the city and state of which the manufacturer resides. Please use a 2 letter state abbreviation. Maximum characters would be 30 characters of text as well.

With our pre-engraved lower, you can easily comply with AB 857 and keep on building without issue. Once your order is submitted to us we are not able to edit or cancel your order.

Please ensure that the information you supply to us is correct before submitting your order.

No FFL required  Made in the USA  Lifetime Warranty

Shipping Restrictions

Shipping of various parts and/or accessories are prohibited to states and locales (ie New Jersey, California, New York, etc…) with restrictions against certain parts and/or accessories or “assault weapons” (i.e. states with high-capacity magazine restrictions, manufacturing of semi-automatic weapons, etc..). It is your responsibility to be aware of your local firearms laws before purchasing from our website or machining a firearm. We try our best to keep our shipping page current, but laws change daily only ships within the United States. Federal legislation dictates we cannot ship our products internationally.