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.308 RAW 80% Lower (2-pack) Fire/Safe Marked & Easy Jig Gen 2 with Tooling
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80% Lower Jig Quick Reference

Watch the Easy Jig GEN 2 Tutorial (Video - 30:29)

They say the best guns are built, not bought. That’s certainly the case when it comes to owning an AR chambered in .308, especially thanks to our latest two-for-one combo package. This two-pack of .308 80% lowers and the included Easy Jig with tooling make machining your own stripped lowers for your AR-10 build affordable, convenient, and easy.

Both included lowers are 80% machined and come with a raw finish – they just need some extra machining and a finish or coating of your choice before final assembly:

  • Platform: .308
  • Color: Raw - no anodization
  • DPMS Gen 1
  • Quantity: 2
  • Fire/Safe Marked: Yes
  • Billet 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Broached Magwell
  • Enhanced, heavy duty trigger guard
  • 100% Made in the USA


80% Lower Jig (Easy Jig Gen 2) with Tooling:

 Building an AR chambered in .308 just got a lot easier and more affordable, thanks to our combo kit! This two-for-one deal includes a quality, billet 80% lower chambered in .308 and the popular, easy-to-use Easy Jig with necessary tooling. Together, this combo kit allows you to quickly and easily machine a stripped AR lower receiver, ready for a .308 upper and parts kit.

The included lower is proudly made in the USA from billet 6061 T6 aluminum and comes finished with a mil-spec, Type III hardcoat anodized finish. A broached mag well makes reloads quick while an integrated and enhanced trigger guard makes final assembly even quicker.

Machining the lower is 100% legal in all 50 states with no FFL or background check required. Completing the lower is easy and intuitive, even for first-time builders, thanks to the Easy Jig and its included instructions and video tutorial!

Benefits of the Easy Jig:

  • Can complete 20+ 80% lowers
  • Cuts completion time in half
  • Each plate is replaceable, individually
  • Built-in drill bit depth guides
  • No drill press required (can use standard hand drill)
  • How-To videos and instruction manual

Drill bits included:

  • 3/8 drill bit
  • 19/64 drill bit
  • 5/32 drill bit
  • 3/8 drill stop collar
  • Solid Carbide 1/4 end mill - custom made with super short 0.75 in flutes for optimal performance

    Please Note: This .308 80% lower jig is not compatible with other manufacturers .308 80% lowers. This jig only works with .308 80% lowers manufactured by 80% Arms.

    See how the Easy Jig GEN 2 stands up to the others in the 80% Lower Jig Comparison chart.

    How easy is it? Read the Easy Jig GEN 2 instruction manual or watch the Easy Jig GEN 2 how-to video.

    No FFL Required Made In The USA Lifetime Warranty

    Product Videos

    Easy Jig GEN 2 Tutorial Video - 30:29

    .308 RAW 80% Lower (2-pack) Fire/Safe Marked & Easy Jig Gen 2 with Tooling

    $609.99 $509.99 (You save $100.00)
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