9mm / 5" Government / Bead Blasted Frame



It’s easy to love the 1911, but even loyal fans will admit that it could stand a lose a little weight and improve its carrying capacity. That’s where our 5” Government Bead Blasted 1911 Frame comes in. This raw 80% 1911 frame is just a few simple machining steps away from being the next best 1911 on the market.

Made in the USA from mil-spec 7075 T6 aluminum and chambered for 9mm, this new 1911 variant reduces weight by 60% and affords more rounds in the mag when it counts most. The bead blasted finish allows you to give your new 1911 your own finishing touches with a custom coating.

Because this frame is not yet finished, it’s not legally considered a firearm and requires no FFL or transfer fees. It ships legally to all 50 states and you can legally build it in all 50 states, no background check required. Completing this frame is simple and takes less than two hours, even for first-time or novice builders.

All you need to do is:

  • Cut the side rails
  • Cut the barrel seat
  • Drill the hammer pin hole
  • Drill the sear pin hole

These steps can be completed at home with our 1911 jigs and gunsmithing parts, available right here! Once finished, you’ll own an ultralight 1911 that’s ready for daily carry, competition, or home defense. 1911 80% Frame Features Manufactured to be used with a 5" barrel Constructed from 7075 heat treated aluminum 60% lighter than steel 1911 Frames NO FFL Required to purchase MADE IN THE USA (OHIO) 

Special Notes: We recommend every individual to do their own research regarding building your own firearm. We are not lawyers so please educate yourself on your state and local laws.

No FFL required  Made in the USA  Lifetime Warranty

Shipping Restrictions

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