5D Tactical Jig PRO ReadyMILL End Mill Bit

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You must purchase the correct ReadyMILL™ for your router. Your router's model number can be found on the label. If you plan on becoming a true at-home gunsmithing pro, an AR-15 builder with a reputation, you need top-of-the-line tools, and one of the most important tools you can invest in is the 5D Tactical Jig PRO ReadyMILL End Mill Bit.

The 5D Tactical Jig PRO ReadyMill End Mill Bit is one of the industry’s finest 80 lower end mill bits. Made from some of the hardest steel on Earth, the ReadyMILL is precisely forged and cut using the latest CNC machining. A super-heated thermal fit tool holder threads directly into your router for easy setup and milling.

This custom 5/16” end mill is not a “universal” milling bit. Rather, it has been specifically tested and designed for fast, precise 80% lower milling. Because of its unique design, the ReadyMILL End Mill Bit measures just 1.5”. This shortened mill bit requires less torque to mill, resulting in greater cutting power, more precise milling, and reduced tool chatter – a particular benefit when machining forged lowers.

The ReadyMILL is designed to work with the most popular and widely available off-the-shelf routers. Simply select the correct letter under the drop-down option before adding to cart! See the chart below to fit your new ReadyMILL to your router of choice.

This 5D Router Jig PRO ReadyMILL includes:

(1) ReadyMILL (Choose size below based on your router model)

READYMILL Sizing Guide:

Tooling Set A Tooling Set B Tooling Set C Tooling Set D (Requires Full-Size Router Plate)
Bosch PR10EBosch PR20EV DeWalt DWE6000 Porter Cable 6430 Porter Cable 6435 Ryobi P601        Rigid R24012
Craftsman 28212 DeWalt DWP611 Porter Cable 450
Makita RT0701C
Bosch 1617EV Bosch 1617EVS Craftsman 2767 Craftsman 27683 Craftsman 50429 DeWalt DW616 DeWalt DW618

Please note this ReadyMILL end mill is for the Router Jig PRO only. The end mill for the Original 5D Tactical Router Jig can be found here.

No FFL required  Made in the USA  Lifetime Warranty

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