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5D Tactical Router Jig PRO Tooling
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SKU: 5D-PK300A

Being an at-home gunsmith requires little overhead or experience – but if you want to keep turning out quality, precisely machined and drilled frames and lowers, you need to stay on top of your hardware. Using old, dull, or worn-out drill bits and end mill bits could cause you to trip up and ruin that 1911 frame or AR lower while it sits in your ReadyMILL jig, and you might even end up with a piece of broken steel in your eyes.

Instead of running the risk and cutting corners, stick with quality, new hardware that’s ready for machining and drilling. Our 5D Tactical Router Jig PRO tooling ensures that every lower or frame you turn out will be made to exacting tolerances. This tooling set is crafted from heat-treated and forged tool steel and is specifically designed for machining and milling billet and forged aluminum receivers, so you know you’re working with the right stuff.

To pick the right replacement set of drill bits and end mill bits, select the appropriate tooling set (A, B, C, or D) from the sizing guide below:

    You must purchase the correct ReadyMILL for your router. Your router's model number can be found on the label. 

    Sizing Guide:

    Tooling Set A Tooling Set B Tooling Set C Tooling Set D -
    (Requires Full-Size Router Plate)

    Bosch PR10EBosch PR20EV
    DeWalt DWE6000
    Porter Cable 6430
    Porter Cable 6435
    Rigid R24012

    Craftsman 28212
    DeWalt DWP611
    Porter Cable 450
    Makita RT0701C

    Bosch 1617EV
    Bosch 1617EVS
    Craftsman 2767
    Craftsman 27683
    Craftsman 50429
    DeWalt DW616
    DeWalt DW618

    The patent-pending ReadyMILL is the first and only Router-Ready End Mill which threads directly to your router, eliminating the need for the collet and further stabilizes your drill bit even more. 

    Please note this Tool Kit is for the Router Jig PRO only. The tooling for the Original 5D Tactical Router Jig can be found here.

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    5D Tactical Router Jig PRO Tooling

    $64.99 $54.99 (You save $10.00)
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    Free Shipping on all orders $325+

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