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1911 Pistol Kit – .45acp (Government Length, 5″ Barrel) with Picatinny Railed 80% Black Frame w/ Free Portable Handgun Lock Box

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SKU: 1911F-45GTAB_1911-RIA-TACBK-45


Thanks to John Moses Browning, we have the 1911, the pistol with the longest track record of any firearm in the United States’ military history.  From its creation in 1911 to its replacement in 1986, it has served the US Army, US Marines, and US Navy well.  This timeless design is simply made to just work.  This workhorse can take a beating and keep on doing its job.  You can get one of our build kits and have one of these pistols too.  Plus, you’ll feel better than if you’d bought it at your local gun store, because you built it yourself.

This kit gets you everything you need to build a completely finished and functional 1911, save for mags and ammo.  You get a government-sized 80% frame that’s been anodized in black and made from 7075 heat-treated aluminum.  Since it’s aluminum and not the standard steel frame, it’ll be a bit lighter to carry.  This one comes with a picatinny rail underneath for mounting a tac light or laser.  The slide-and-parts kit is quality-made and comes with all the pieces, pins, and springs necessary to complete your build.  Simply finish the cutting on your frame, and then build it.

80% 1911 Frame Specs:

  • Material:  7075 heat-treated aluminum
  • Size:  Government (made to be used with 5″ slide kits)
  • Finish:  Anodized
  • Attachment point:  Picatinny rail underneath

Benefits Of This Frame:

  • 60% lighter than steel 1911 frames
  • No FFL Required for purchase
  • Made in the USA!

Slide and Parts Kit Features:

  • GI slide serrations
  • Completely machined
  • Snag-free Novak-style rear sight
  • Sights pre-installed
  • Parkerized finish
  • Fits .45acp-chambered non-ramped standard barrel
  • Complete set of 1911 .45acp small parts included

Gun Case Features:

  • Set your own combination
  • Small enough to be concealed at home or in your car
  • Durable steel construction and scratch resistant
  • Includes a coated steel anchor cable to attach to immovable objects
  • Foam interior protects your pistol

No FFL required Made in the USA Lifetime Warranty

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We try our best to keep our shipping page current, but laws change daily. 

1911 Pistol Kit – .45acp (Government Length, 5″ Barrel) with Picatinny Railed 80% Black Frame w/ Free Portable Handgun Lock Box

$989.99 $659.99 (You Save $330.00)

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Save For Later

Free Shipping on all orders $325+!


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