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45 ACP / 5" Government Tactical / Anodized Black Frame
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SKU: 1911F-45GTAB

The standard 5” 1911 frame is a gold standard of the pistol world, but with a design over 100 years old, it stands to be improved with some minor but hugely important changes – those improvements can be found in our 5” Government Tactical Anodized Black 1911 Frame. This full-size 80% 1911 frame weighs 60% less than an old-school steel 1911 frame, making it perfect for daily carry and competition. Precisely CNC-machined in the USA from a military-grade 7075 T6 aluminum alloy, our 5” Government Tactical Frame just needs some basic machining to be transformed into a top-tier 1911.

To be clear, this frame is not yet considered a firearm, so buying it, shipping it, and owning it requires no FFL. All you need to do to transform this 80% 1911 frame into a functional 1911 frame is:

  • Cut the side rails
  • Cut the barrel seat
  • Drill the hammer pin hole
  • Drill the sear pin hole

Once you’ve completed this easy-to-do steps, you’ll own a 1911 frame comparable to guns that cost in the triple digits. Thanks to our 1911 jigs and gunsmithing parts, you can do all the gunsmithing at home with little to no knowledge or experience.

    1911 80% Frame Features

    • Low Profile Tactical Picatinny rail
    • Manufactured to be used with a 5" barrel
    • Constructed from 7075 heat treated aluminum
    • 60% lighter than steel 1911 Frames
    • NO FFL Required to purchase

    Special Notes: We recommend every individual to do their own research regarding building your own firearm. We are not lawyers so please educate yourself on your state and local laws.

    No FFL Required Made In The USA Lifetime Warranty

    45 ACP / 5" Government Tactical / Anodized Black Frame

    $262.50 $210.00 (You save $52.50)

    May take 1 week to ship

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