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45 ACP / 4.25" Commander Tactical / Anodized Black 1911 80% Frame & Jig Bundle
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If you’ve been hunting for the ultimate 1911 build kit, look no further. Our 1911 80% frame and 1911 jig bundle includes everything you need to legally and easily a functional 1911 frame at home, no background check or FFL required.

Included in this kit is the popular and proven 1911 Phantom Jig. It takes just minutes to set up and requires little to no experience or gunsmithing knowledge to use. The Phantom Jig allows you to quickly and easily make the four machining operations needed to produce a functioning 1911 frame:

  • Cutting the side rails
  • Cutting the barrel seat
  • Drilling the hammer pin hole
  • Drilling the sear pin hole

Completing these four easy steps requires no commercial machinery – all you need is a small hand router. The necessary drill bits are included so you can get started right away. Compatible with all Stealth Arms 1911 frames, this jig is reusable so you can build your collection!

The included 1911 tactical frame from Stealth Arms is a top-tier frame that competes with the finest makers on the market. Made from mil-spec 7075 T6 aluminum in a shorter Commander profile and Picatinny rail, this frame sheds over 60% of the original steel 1911’s weight even with the original .45 ACP chambering, making it perfect for all-day carry and concealment.

No FFL is required to purchase or build this frame with this jig! Nothing in this kit is legally considered a firearm and the entire kit therefore ships straight to your front door, no paperwork necessary. If you can legally own a gun in your state, you can build your 1911 frame with this kit!

    80% Frame Features

    • Low Profile Picatinny Tactical Rail
    • Manufactured to be used with a 4.5" barrel
    • Constructed from 7075 heat treated aluminum
    • 60% lighter than steel 1911 Frames
    • NO FFL Required to purchase

    Special Notes:

    • If using a steel 1911 frame we recommend purchasing some extra carbide cutters as steel is a tough metal than aluminum.
    • We recommend every individual to do their own research regarding building your own firearm. We are not lawyers so please educate yourself on your state and local laws.

    No FFL Required Made In The USA Lifetime Warranty

    45 ACP / 4.25" Commander Tactical / Anodized Black 1911 80% Frame & Jig Bundle

    $493.75 $405.00 (You save $88.75)

    May take 1 week to ship

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    Free Shipping on all orders $325+