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Parts & Tools

Parts & Tools

Need some gunsmithing tools? Making your 80% lower project go smoothly means investing in a proper set of roll pin punches. Need the LPK to assemble your recever? We've got you covered with some of the market's best kits, like the Anderson Stainless LPK (AR-15). How about the easiest and most noticeable upgrade for your AR rifle or pistol? A drop-in trigger from Rise Armament can turn 2 MOA into sub-MOA groups at 100 yards.

Quality Parts Kit, Professional Gunsmithing Tools

We don't just sell a ton of AR parts like most other online retailers. We ensure you have the tools and accessories to truly gunsmith at home the right way. We offer lower parts kits, pistol braces, hammers, wrenches, vise blocks, punches, and all the other stuff you need for your black rifle or pistol based on personal experience and our own builds.


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