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5D Tactical Jig FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about the 5D Tactical Jig (80% Lower Jig)

How does the 5D Tactical Jig work?

It’s easy! The 5D Tactical Jig does all the measuring and routing for you. Look at the video tutorials to see exactly how it works:

5D Tactical Jig Video Tutorial – Part 1

5D Tactical Jig Video Tutorial – Part 2

Do you have written instructions for the 5D Tactical Jig?

Yes! View and download them below – it’s best to have them with you in addition to the video tutorials. The first guide explains how to set up your router. The second guide will walk you through how to set up your lower and jig, as well as how to drill and mill your lower to completion.

5D Tactical Jig Router Setup

5D Tactical Jig Instructions

Which 80% lowers does the 5D Tactical Jig work for?

All of them! The 5D Tactical Jig is compatible with metal and polymer lowers meant for AR-15s, AR-308s, and even AR-9s. This is possible through the 5D Tactical Jig’s method of placement – by securing the lower using the front and rear takedown pins and buffer support, the action is always centered in a standardized location for universal milling and drilling.

Which router should I use with the 5D Tactical Jig?

You’ll need a compact, store-brought router. We recommend the DeWalt DWP611 or the Porter Cable PCE6435, as these two routers are proven to work well with the 5D Tactical Jig.

What does the 5D Tactical Jig come with?

Everything you need to machine an 80% lower! Minus a router, of course. That means you’ll receive the following tools:

  •         3-Flute hybrid end mill
  •         3/8” black oxide high-speed drill bit
  •         5/16” black oxide high-speed drill bit
  •         5/32” black oxide high-speed drill bit
  •         3/8” drill stop

Can I use other tools and bits with the 5D Tactical Jig?

The 5D Tactical Jig is specifically designed to use the provided 3-flute hybrid end mill. Using any other end mill bit could damage your lower or jig. We strongly recommend against this.

How does the 5/16” end mill bit fit in my router?

The connecting end of the bit is stepped down to a ¼” fitting – the perfect size for compact routers.

Can I buy the custom end mill bit separately?

Yes. In fact, we recommend picking up a spare or two, just to ensure your machining goes smoothly and without issue.

Can I buy replacement parts for the 5D Tactical Jig?

Of course. Mistakes happen and parts wear out. You can purchase replacement parts directly through us!

How many lowers can I machine using my 5D Tactical Jig?

The jig itself will last a lifetime, thanks to the no-touch side plates and pre-measured drill depth guides. We recommend replacing the bits every three lowers.


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