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    Glock® Compatible Flash Hider - 9mm

    If you're trying to reduce the muzzle signature from your Glock® compatible build, if you train at night, if you carry your sidearm as a backup while you hunt, let us enhance your sidearm shooting experience. If muzzle flash is an issue for you, and...

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Up your accuracy with your GLOCK. Grab a proper muzzle brake.

GLOCK handguns can provide amazing accuracy - as long as you put in the effort to train yourself and you properly upgrade your Austrian shooter. We've partnered with top gunsmiths and manufacturers to provide quality, easy-thread, fast-attach muzzle brakes for all GLOCK barrels, whether factory or aftermarket.

 Benefits of a GLOCK Muzzle Brake

A GLOCK muzzle brake functions just like the brake on any big-bore gun or long gun: It disperses the gasses exiting the muzzle in an upward and/or rearward fashion, or both. This counteracts the recoil impulse and muzzle energy that normally cause your handgun's muzzle to rise. A quality muzzle brake like the options we've sourced above can reduce felt recoil, help keep your sight picture on target between shots, and ultimately improve both accuracy and rapid-fire effectiveness.

Perfect for personal defense or competition

A muzzle brake provides better performance downrange and better confidence behind the trigger. These two advantages can make for a more effective personal defense weapon or a more accurate sidearm in any high-speed three-gun competition or glass house exercise.

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