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Polymer 80 Glock

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Polymer 80 Glock

Building a Glock from an 80% pistol frame should be your next DIY build. There is nothing more satisfying than building your very own pistol from scratch with a Polymer 80 Glock frame. You can purchase an 80% pistol frame and jig kit right here.

What’s Included

Each kit includes a Polymer80 Glock frame, a disposable jig, proprietary locking block as well as milling and drilling blocks. There is a popular selection of Polymer 80 pistol frames to select from, giving you the freedom of choice.

Glock Compatibility

Some of our favorite Polymer 80 Glock Frames and Jig kits are the Polymer80 PF940C 80% Compact Pistol Frame and Jig Kit and the PF940v2™ 80% Standard Pistol Frame Kit. The PF940C kit is compatible with the Glock® Gen3 G19/23 (3-Pin) and includes the Jig. The PF940v2™ is compatible with the Glock 17/34 and includes the jig as well.

No Experienced Required to Build

The best part about completing a Polymer 80 Glock is that it requires few tools and very little equipment to complete. Make sure you browse our selection of Polymer 80 Glocks today!

Why our Polymer 80 Glock Kits?

  • NO FFL required for purchase!
  • Ships straight to your front door
  • 100% compatible with Gen 3 Glock parts
  • Work with OEM and aftermarket Glock magazines
  • Includes proprietary 80% jig, tools, and bits
  • Available in Black or Flat Dark Earth
  • For Glock 17, 19, 23, 26, 27, and 34



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