Pistol Kits

Pistol Kits

These muzzle-to-magazine pistol kits ship with every part required to assemble your AR-15 pistol, GLOCK®-compatible handgun, or Sig P320 (carry- or full-size). We partnered with top AR-15 OEM manufacturers and Polymer80 to bring you tier-one pistol kits that don't cost an arm and a leg. All polymer kits are considered "one-and-done" solutions since they include the 80% jig and tooling required to fabricating the firearm portion of your parts kit. All AR-15 pistol kits include a quality billet or forged and anodized 80% lower receiver with mil-spec fittings.

Why Our Pistol Kits?

Unlike many other "do-it-yourself" firearm kits, nothing in our kits is legally considered a firearm under federal law. Because we specialize in 80% frames and 80% receivers (or "receiver blanks" as the ATF officially classifies them), you do not need to visit an FFL, pay any transfer fees, or deal with extra taxes or paperwork to buy, ship, own, or build your kit. If you can otherwise legally own a firearm, you can legally own and build your new pistol using one of our kits.

All Polymer80 Pistol Kits feature improved grips and grip angles, and are compatible with corresponding GLOCK® parts.

All Sig P320 kits incorporate OEM parts and are interchangeable with all other P320 calibers and factory parts kits.

All AR-15 pistol kits incorporate the highest-grade parts and barrels:

  • All barrels are forged from MIL-B-11595 E steel (4150 or Chromoly Vanadium)
  • All stainless barrels forged from Crucible 416R steel, offering sub-MOA accuracy
  • All BCGs are M16 in profile with chrome lining and properly staked gas keys
  • All stripped upper receivers forged from mil-spec 7075 T6 aluminum
  • All buffer assemblies and lower parts kits are mil-spec in fit and finish
  • All barreled uppers are test-fired to ensure proper assembly

NOTE: Some states (like California) have restricted or banned gun-making kits like ours. Reference our 80% lower law guide to get an idea of what laws you need to research and know before buying. If you have additional questions, always consult with a licensed attorney in your state.

Polymer80 & GLOCK® Compatibility

Each Polymer80 pistol kit corresponds with a "retail" or factory GLOCK® series of handguns. Reference the list below to determine which pistol kit you need to purchase in order to install and assemble your pistol to match your desired GLOCK® platform. Kits are now available in Black, Flat Dark Earth, and OD Green!

  • PF940C is compatible with G19, G23, and G32
  • PF940v2 is compatible with G17, G22, G24, G31, G34, and G35
  • PF940SC is compatible with G26, G27

AR Pistols: What's Included

Each AR pistol kit includes the parts necessary to fully assemble a functional weapon, minus a functional stripped lower receiver. Instead, your kit ships with an 80% lower receiver, which will require basic cutting and drilling to make it functional. Simply pair up your AR kit with an appropriate AR-15 jig, which includes the necessary bits. Also included with all AR pistol kits is a buffer tube and pistol brace. 

Click here to learn the ATF's policy regarding AR-15 pistol braces.

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