GLOCK® Compatible Pistol Kit

GLOCK® Compatible Pistol Kit

They're here: Every. Single. Polymer80 Kit. Want to own one of the world's best handguns? Why pay a premium at the gun store? Why shell out cash for extra taxes, FFL fees, and paperwork? Now you can build a 100% GLOCK®-compatible pistol in fit and finish using your own parts and your own handiwork. No FFL's required, there are no special fees or taxes, and your Pistol Kit ships straight to you, no middleman required.

The Pistol Kit, Explained

Polymer80, our partners, developed an 80% pistol frame that mirrors the various factory GLOCK® in parts, dimensions, and specifications. The frame is not entirely functional nor completely fabricated, so it's not legally considered a firearm under federal law or ATF policy. If you've ever heard of the AR-15's "80% lower", the same principle applies: You must finish fabricating the frame yourself -- performing some drilling and trimming -- to make it a functional firearm. The Gun Control Act of 1968 allows for this type of at-home gunsmithing, endorsed by the ATF.

GLOCK® Compatibility (and Upgrades)

Each pistol kit includes an 80% polymer frame that corresponds with a particular series of GLOCK® handguns. Also included with the kit is the finishing jig and drill bits, required to fabricate the frame. To make the frame ready for assembly, a factory-spec, stainless Locking Block Rail System and stainless steel Rear Rail Module are included. With the frame assembled, the rest of the parts in the kit (barrel, slide, trigger, etc.) are used to turn your frame into a functional, ready-to-fire pistol! The whole process takes less than a single day, even for first-time builders.

The polymer frame is even better.

No handgun is perfect, so Polymer80 took the opportunity to make some enhancements and upgrades to the frame: Improved grip textures, a double undercut trigger guard, and a more comfortable grip angle make the Poly Frame a nice upgrade over a factory pistol. Available in Black, Flat Dark Earth, and OD Green, the opportunity to customize is even greater.

Select the following kit based on your GLOCK preference. 

  • The PF940C kit is compatible with the Glock® Gen3 19, G23 (3-Pin), and the G32.
  • The PF940v2 is compatible with the Glock® 17, G22, G24, G31, G34, and G35.
  • The PF940SC is compatible with the Glock® 26 and G27.

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