Forged Lower Receiver

Forged Lower Receiver

For decades, the U.S military has relied on forged lower receivers for their standard-issue rifles and SBRs. Now, you can enjoy that same mil-spec quality for pennies on the dollar thanks to our very own forged lower receivers! These 80% complete lowers require no FFL transfer fees, no paperwork, and no government red tape to own and build at home.

Not sold? Read our detailed comparison guide: Forged vs. Billet vs. Polymer Receivers.

Benefits vs. Store-Bought Receiver

Our forged 80% lower receivers cost a fraction of a store-bought AR-15 stripped lower receiver, even though they’re substantially fabricated. All you need to do is pair your receiver blank with a standard 80% lower jig to start your first or next AR-15 build. Tough as hell thanks to their 7075 T6 construction, our forged receivers are compatible with all mil-spec AR uppers and lower parts kits. All you need to do is finish that 20% of machine work to build your rifle or pistol:

  1. Cut the fire control cavity
  2. Drill the hammer pin hole
  3. Drill the trigger pin hole
  4. Drill the safety lever hole

Click here for a detailed written and picture guide for machining a forged 80% lower.

No FFL Required

The best part? A forged 80% lower is not considered firearms and does not require any paperwork for shipping, ownership, or building. You don’t need to conduct a background check or have any FFL transfer conducted to build one of our forged lower receivers (in most states, reference our guide to 80% laws). It’s 100% legal to do at home under federal law.

Benefits of a Forged 80% Lower Receiver:

  • Made from mil-spec 7075 T6 aluminum
  • Requires little to no knowledge to build at home
  • 100% legal to own and build in all 50 states
  • Requires no FFL transfer or background
  • Features mil-spec phosphate finish
  • CNC machined to accept all AR-15 parts
  • Proudly made in the USA


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