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Flip Up Sights

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Flip Up Sights

We will keep it simple and blunt: If you own an AR 15, you need some sort of Flip Up Sights. It’s that simple. See, the AR 15 provides the perfect balance of close- and long-range shooting characteristics, making any reflex, laser or magnified optics a must for realizing your rifle’s full potential. But slapping any optic on your upper can cause a headache when they mash up with conventional fixed irons. That is where the ideal set of Flip Up Sights comes into play.
Even the U.S. Military switched to Flip Up Sights on their service rifles (at least for the rears). Even if you’re rocking that classic A2 front sight post, a Flip Up rear sight will be the best way to accommodate your favorite EOtech, Trijicon or Aimpoint.
If you already own an AR 15 and you’ve gone with a modern flat top design – rocking no irons whatsoever – and you’re ready to invest in those good ole’ eye holes, you’ve come to the right place. You will find several different Flip Up Sights for your black rifle, catering to every shooter’s discipline and wallet. You will ’ll find any combo of gas light blocks, same-plane sights, tritium sights, and loads of different apertures to fit your vision and shooting needs – be they quick and aggressive, or slow and considered.
Flip Up Sights Features:
– Front & Rear Sets Available- More Dependable Than Expensive Scopes- Constructed of Military-Grade Aluminum & Polymer- Made in the USA
Your build awaits you.


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