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Easy Jig GEN 1

Easy Jig GEN 1

If there ever was a gold standard of value, quality, simplicity and reliability in the world of machining AR-15 lower receivers at home, you’ve found it: The Easy Jig Gen 1 represents one of the most popular, affordable, and easy-to-use 80 lower jigs ever made.

Thanks to a universal design, the Easy Jig Gen 1 is compatible with every 80% lower caliber currently available, including 5.56, .223, .308, and even 9mm pistol lowers. Because the Easy Jig Gen 1 includes everything you need to machine your own lowers, you get to save cash every time you want to build an AR-15 receiver. Compared to a dress-press milling session, the Easy Jig Gen 1 reduces machine time by 66%, so you can finish your lower than less than an hour!

Easy Jig Gen 1 is so simple to set up and once you’re ready to start machining, the Easy Jig Gen 1 measures all the holes you need to drill, as well as the milling depth for the trigger area. The Easy Jig Gen 1 can complete at least 20 lowers before you need to replace any bits! Not convinced? Just check out how easy the Easy Jig Gen 1 is to use by watching the video tutorial here.

Why the Easy Jig Gen 1

  • Affordability – it’s one of the least expensive jigs available!
  • Safety and simplicity – it measures everything for you!
  • Easy to use and time – machine your lower in about an hour
  • Reusable – machine at least 20 lowers with provided bits
  • Ready out of the box – includes all hardware needed to machine
  • Universal – finish any AR-15, AR-308 or AR-9 lower receiver!

Easy Jig GEN 1