AR9 80 Lowers

AR9 80 Lowers

The all-new AR9 80% lower receiver is a proprietary design, specifically made to improve the aesthetic of your 9mm AR build while affording total compatibility with all factory and aftermarket Glock magazines! In partnership with Palmetto State Armory (PSA) we're excited to announce this new lower receiver blank works with all PSA and other 9mm AR upper receiver assemblies that accept the Hybrid G-9 9mm Bolt Carrier Group (BCG). Rather than spend more on a standard AR-15 lower and deal with a finnicky "box conversion", you can purpose-build an AR9 from the ground up.

Additional Parts Compatibility

This AR9 80 lower works with mil-spec AR-15 lower parts kits and mil-spec buffer tubes and castle nuts. Build a PCC (pistol-caliber carbine) or AR9 pistol and enjoy a standard buttstock and pistol brace! The required 9mm Heavy Buffer -- designed to operate with blowback function and not a typical gas system -- fits inside the standard buffer and utilizes a regular AR-15 buffer spring.

This 80% lower also works with virtually all standard AR-15 jigs, too. Since it utilizes a regular LPK, the cutting and drilling steps required to fabricate this receiver blank are the same as an AR-15 80% lower. View all compatible jigs and tool kits here!

Billet (6061-T6) Aluminum Construction

These pistol receiver blanks are CNC machined from quality billet (6061-T6) aluminum. Lightweight, aesthetic, and tough as Hell, each receiver's designed to reliably handle rapid fire and the extra pressure generated by 9mm's blowback recoil and cycling functions. Coupled with the proper end mill bit and drill bits, fabricating your lower receiver for final assembly is easy and convenient. Each jig includes the required instructions.

Click here for an easy-to-follow written and picture guide for cutting and drilling your receiver blank.

Why Choose an 80% Lower For the AR9?

Picking an 80% lower receiver over a "retail" stripped lower affords some unique benefits and cost savings: You don't need to file and pay for a background check, nor do you need to deal with an FFL and the various transfer fees. Most AR9 receivers are not available in stores, requiring you to order and purchase online. Shipping a legal-firearm-by-definition incurs higher costs and insurance.

But because an 80% lower isn't legally considered a firearm, it ships straight to your door! Along with the jig and tooling, you can get everything you need in one order and delivered promptly. The receiver blank by itself is also typically less expensive than a stripped lower -- most AR9 receivers cost well over $100, up to $200 depending on finish and roll marks.

Click here for a detailed guide discussing 80% lower laws.

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