AR9 80 Lower Jigs

AR9 80 Lower Jigs

We partnered with the industry's top manufacturers to bring an all-new, proprietary AR9 80% lower receiver to market. This 9MM receiver blank does not require those finnicky "magazine conversions" like you were once required to use with an AR-15 receiver. Instead, this receiver incorporates a custom mag well designed to accept all factory and aftermarket Glock magazines! Pairing your AR9 80% lower with one of our AR9 jigs provides you with the tools required to machine your receiver, making it ready for a lower parts kit, 9mm barreled upper, and buffer system.

AR9 Jig & Receiver Compatibility

The AR9 lower receiver is conveniently sized up to work with virtually all standard AR-15 jigs. Because it utilizes an AR-15 lower parts kit, buffer, and pivot/takedown pins, the cutting and drilling steps required to fabricate the receiver mirror that of the original AR-15 80% lower. We carefully selected the best jigs that perfectly seat the AR9 lower and provide the right tooling to fabricate with confidence and precision. grab the AR9 Elite Builder jig, or the super-affordable Universal RJ556U polymer jig by itself, or pair up the Elite Builder with a billet AR9 receiver in one order!

 What's Included

  • (2) Side plates
  • (3) Top plate templates
  • (1) Set of HSS drill bits
  • (1) HSS end mill bit (center-cut)

This guide illustrates the required steps. An AR-15 receiver is pictured, but steps are the same for an AR9 receiver.

Each AR9 Jig includes the jig plates and templates required for securing, cutting, and drilling the receiver blank. The side plates include pre-drilled template holes for completing the trigger, hammer, and safer selector lever pin holes. The top plates indicate where to drill pilot holes and they guide your end mill bit for completing the fire control cavity for the trigger, safety, and hammer install.

You'll need some basic tools to operate the jig:

  • *Drill press
  • Table-top vise
  • Cutting fluid

*While other jigs on the market require a router or milling machine, the Elite Builder's HSS end mill bit is designed to allow you to cut the fire control cavity with plunge cuts, vertical cuts made with the end mill in similar fashion as drilling the cavity's pilot holes. This is easily accomplished using a cross-slide vise that affords lateral movement. With a cross-slide and press, you can complete your receiver blank in under two hours.

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