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80 Lowers

80 Lowers

80 lowers are by far the most convenient, safe, and easy way to become the proud new owner of your first or next AR-15 rifle or pistol! Available in 5.56, .223, .308, and 9mm, our 80 lowers are a breeze to build at home. By using a standard 80 lower jig, you can transform a hunk of aluminum alloy into a fully functional, legal-to-own AR-15 stripped lower receiver in 30 minutes to two hours! Machining 80 lowers requires little to no technical expertise thanks to our 80 lower jigs and step-by-step guides.

What’s more, 80 lowers are completely legal to own and build in all 50 states! Picking up a single lower or pack of 80 lowers is all the same – no paperwork is required, no FFL transfer is required, and no serial number is required in most states. If you can legally own a gun, you can legally build our 80 lowers at home! Our 80 lowers are manufactured from military spec 7075 forged aluminum or quality, gold-standard billet aluminum. These alloys are the same exact materials you’d find in an off-the-shelf AR-15.

Our 80 lowers are proudly made in the USA by reputable gunsmiths and firearms manufacturers, so you’re guaranteed to get a quality, reliable rifle or pistol for pennies on the dollars! Pick up our 80 lowers and a quality jig and get to building, saving time and money along the way.


  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Made to standard AR-15 specifications
  • Requires little to no knowledge to build at home
  • 100% legal to own and build in all 50 states
  • Ships straight to your front door, no paperwork required
  • Requires no FFL transfer or background check to own and build
  • Made from quality, mil-spec forged and billet aluminum

Your build awaits you!