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AR 15 Sling

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AR 15 Sling

The AR 15 Sling provides more value and use than acting as a simple way to lug around your rifle on the range or trail. Equipping your rifle with the right sling can also provide critically important extra rigidity and stability when firing – resulting in smaller groups and better shots.

Beyond the simple shoulder strap function, an AR 15 Sling that’s properly tensioned against your upper arm when shooting prone provides extra anchoring that lets you enjoy a less “squiggly” sight picture, with quicker follow-up shots and less reset time. The proper prone sling anchor can nearly mimic the stability that a conventional bipod or front rest offers – and it’s all contained in a nifty carrying strap!

If you’re rocking an AR pistol and would rather keep that compact, clean look without the new and hyped arm brace, consider a simple one-point rear-attached AR 15 Sling. Pushing your AR pistol out against the tension of your AR 15 Sling provides full-length stability and a rock solid shooting stance.

You’ll find a myriad of AR 15 Sling options available, including traditional two-point harnesses (great for carrying), quick one-pointer slings, and more involved but useful three-point harnesses that offer modular carrying methods and plenty of even tension for heavier rifles.

AR 15 Sling Benefits:

- Improve Carrying Ability
- Modular Carrying Methods
- Improved Shooting Stability
- Made in the USA

Your build awaits you.

AR 15 Sling