AR 15 80 Lower Jigs

AR 15 80 Lower Jigs

The 80% lower jig is the critical other half required to complete your 80% lower receiver. The jig allows you to cut and drill your forged, billet oy polymer receiver blank with the provided drill bits and end mill bit(s), transforming it into a stripped AR-15 lower receiver that's ready for a parts kit, buffer system, and upper receiver assembly.

Building a gun at home is legal under federal law. This guide explains all the laws you need to research and know.

How the AR-15 Jig Works

The 80% jig is an at-home gunsmithing station, similar to a commercial CNC machine, albeit much simpler to utilize by the average firearm enthusiast. With this mini-CNC guiding your work as a cut-and-drill template, you can finish your 80% lower in around two hours or less. Jigs that are not polymer construction are designed to be reusable! If you plan on owning different AR-type rifles or pistols, investing in a jig to fabricate multiple receiver blanks is a great cost savings compared to purchasing stripped lower receivers and paying taxes, FFL fees, and background check fees. The Ar-15 jig works by allowing you to (without special tools or measurements required) perform the following machining steps:

  1. Drill the hammer pin hole
  2. Drill the trigger pin hole
  3. Drill the safety lever hole
  4. Cut the fire control cavity

View our instructional guide to see how to cut and drill your AR-15 80% lower.

Cutting and drilling the receiver with the jig allows you to install a lower parts kit. Once you've begun machining a receiver blank, it may be considered a firearm under federal law and ATF policy. Ensure you are legally allowed to own a firearm in your state, and be sure to check your local and state laws before machining.

These are the ATF's guidelines for determining what constitutes a firearm or an 80% lower (receiver blank).

In addition to the jig itself, you'll need the following tools to complete your receiver blank:

  • Drill press or milling machine
  • Bench-top vise to secure jig
  • Machining oil or lubricant

We've focused on offering drill press jigs over router jigs because the machining steps can be completed with more precision. Each AR-15 jig includes commercial-grade, center-cut end mill bits which allow for completing the fire control cavity using vertical plunge cuts with your drill press. 

Perfect for Beginners

These jigs are relatively easy to use. You need little to no experience with power tools or gunsmithing equipment. All jigs include simple, step-by-step instructions so even first-time builders can make a lower receiver confidently and quickly. All AR-15 jigs include pre-drilled template holes to show you where and how to drill the required pin holes for the LPK. Cutting out the main cavity for the trigger, hammer, safety lever and springs is accomplished by following the top plate affixed to the side walls of the jig. Regardless of manufacture or design, all AR-15 jigs generally operate the same way.

Need help picking the right 80% jig? We compared them all here.

Benefits of our 80% jigs:

  • Comes with step-by-step instructions
  • Easy to use with little to no knowledge needed
  • Reusable and modular, jig parts can be replaced
  • Measures every drill and milling step, no guesswork
  • Proudly made in the USA with a Lifetime Warranty
  • Completely legal to operate and machine in all 50 states

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