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80 Lower Tool Kit

80 Lower Tool Kit

Once you’ve built your first 80 lower, you’ll want to keep going – but to do that, you’ll need a proper 80 lower tool kit. While our 80% lower jigs are reusable, those end mill bits and drill bits lose some precision and cutting power with each lower you finish. A complete 80 lower tool kit like the ones available here will ensure you can continue building AR-15 lowers for your next rifle or pistol build safely, quickly, and reliably!

Each of our 80 lower tool kits includes hardened steel end mill bits and drill bits, made right here in the good ole’ US of A. Each 80 lower tool kit is also specifically designed for machining billet and forged aluminum alloy – that’s the stuff your lower’s made of. This ensures your machining and drilling process goes off without a hitch, and it guarantees your lower parts kit will fit without fail.

Each 80 lower tool kit is build by quality, reputable 80 lower receiver and jig manufacturers, so you know you’re working with hardware that was designed and tested for gunsmithing. Instead of messing up that next lower, don’t cut corners – take advantages of the awesome prices and deals on our 80 lower tool kits, so you can keep saving money on those home-built lowers!

Benefits of our 80 Lower Tool Kits

  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Specifically designed for gunsmithing aluminum alloys
  • Built, tested, and proven by reputable lower and jig makers
  • Made of forged and hardened steel for easy and safe machining
  • Great prices with even bigger savings
  • Same- and next-day shipping at affordable rates!