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5D Tactical Jigs

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5D Tactical Jigs

The 5D Tactical Jigs are some of the most popular 80 lower jigs and 80 lower jig and bundle kits currently available on the black rifle market, and for good reason. Thanks to a universal design, the 5D Tactical Jigs are 100% universal with any and all AR-15, AR-10, AR-308, and AR-9 80% lower receivers! That means you get to invest in one, easy-to-use jig for every black rifle or pistol you’ll ever build.

What’s more, the 5D Tactical Jigs require just one pilot hole to be drilling prior to milling out the trigger area with your hand router. The 5D Tactical Jigs’ patented ReadyMILL end mill bit is one of the strongest milling tools available, so once you’re ready to machine, the entire process will take no time at all.

Once you’ve finished machining your 80 lower, clean-up is a breeze thanks to the modular design of the 5D Tactical Jigs. The Router Jig PRO even features a shop-vac attachments to reduce cleaning time by up to 90%.

With extra-thick side plates and hardened steel bushings and no-touch side plates, the 5D Tactical Jigs reduce the chance of any machining and drilling mistakes. The 5D Tactical Jigs are some of the easiest-to-use jigs available, making them perfect for novice gunsmiths and first-time builders!

Benefits of the 5D Tactical Jigs

  • Patented end mill bits make machining a breeze
  • No-touch plates and hardened surfaces mean worry-free machining
  • 100% universal fitment – machine any AR lower of any caliber!
  • Easily complete at least 20 lowers with provided hardware
  • Complete any 80 lower in about 45 minutes!
  • Individually replaceable parts keep the 5D Tactical Jigs going forever
  • Includes every drill bit and end mill bit needed for machining out of the box


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