308 80 Lower Jigs

308 80 Lower Jigs

Our .308 80% jigs provide you the tools you need to complete that AR-10 clone or 700-yard bench rifle receiver. Choose the rugged Elite Builder Jig, fabricated from hardened steel with drill bushings, and confidently cut and drill your receiver for your lower parts kit, upper, and buffer system in a single afternoon. Or stick with an ultra-light but capable polymer .308 lower-and-jig combo from Polymer80 and get everything you need in a single order for a great price!

Jig & Receiver Compatibility

Each of our stand-alone .308 jigs is designed to be compatible with the popular DPMS LR-308 (gen 1)-type .308 80% lower receiver. These full-size receivers closely mimic the size and shape of the original ArmaLite-10 platform, offering you the opportunity to build an accurate 7.62 NATO or .308 shooter from the ground up. 

NOTE: Due to minor variances in physical shape, the LR-308 platform is not compatible with original AR-10 components. An AR-10 upper receiver will not interface with the LR-308 lower, and vice versa. View our comparison guide detailing these two platforms for more information.

What's Included

The Polymer80 .308 jig includes all parts required for machining, including the polymer receiver blank itself! Purchasing a stand-alone jig like the Elite Builder also provides you with all components required to cut and drill your receiver blank (minus the receiver and hand tools required to operate the jig):

  • (2) Side plates
  • (3) Top plate templates
  • (1) Set of HSS drill bits
  • (1) HSS end mill bit (center-cut)

Tools Required:

  • *Drill press
  • Table-top vise
  • Cutting fluid

*While other jigs on the market require a router or milling machine, the Elite Builder's HSS end mill bit is designed to allow you to cut the fire control cavity with plunge cuts, vertical cuts made with the end mill in similar fashion as drilling the cavity's pilot holes. This is easily accomplished using a cross-slide vise that affords lateral movement. With a cross-slide and press, you can complete your receiver blank in under two hours.

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