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1911 Parts Kit

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1911 Parts Kit

The venerable 1911 is one of America’s most legendary pistols, but if you’re ready to step it up a notch and build a top-tier 1911 from scratch, you should be checking out our 1911 parts kit.

American-Made, Muzzle to Grip

Each parts kit includes some of the finest, American-made 1911 parts available on the market for a fraction of the price of a store-bought 1911.

Each 1911 parts kit includes every spring, bolt, pin, and part required to turn your 80% 1911 frame into a functional, carry- or competition-ready 1911.

Ultra-Light, Upgraded, and Universal

Thanks to the 7075 T6 aluminum construction, each parts kit contributes to building a 1911 that weighs a whopping 60% less than those old steel-framed 1911s. Even still, our kits are compatible with retail 1911 parts!

Available in Government and Commando models, each 1911 parts kit is also universally compatible with our 1911 jigs. What’s more, using a parts kit, 1911 80 frame, and 1911 jig to build a functional 1911 pistol is 100% legal in all 50 states – no FFL transfer, paperwork, or background check required.

Backed by Lifetime Warranty

Each parts kit is proudly made in the USA by reputable gun makers with decades of experience building this legendary gun. With your hands finishing the kit, you’ll own one of the finest examples of the 1911 while saving a ton of cash and being the proud owner of a home-built firearm.

Benefits of our 1911 parts kit

  • A top-tier 1911 in a box
  • No FFL or paperwork required to build
  • Combine with 1911 jig to machine as home
  • 100% legal to build at home in all 50 states
  • 7075 aluminum reduces weight of 1911 by 60%
  • Proudly made in USA by veteran gun makers
  • Includes every part required to build 1911 from scratch
  • Ships straight to your front door with same- or next-day shipping!


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