1911 Build Kit

1911 Build Kit

Until recently, owning a top-tier 1911 was prohibitively expensive – we broke that barrier to owning America’s greatest pistol with the 1911 build kit. This innovative and unique kit affords you, the at-home gun builder, the opportunity to own a caliber of 1911 that competes with some of the finest available on the market for a fraction of the price.

No FFL Required!

What many don’t realize is that it’s completely legal to build your own firearm at home. No paperwork required, no FFL transfers, and no government hoops to jump through. Each 1911 build kit is 100% legal to own and build in all 50 states! Our 1911 build kits also represent a massive improvement over the 1911’s original steel-framed design.

60% Lighter than a Store-Bought 1911

Thanks to the mil-spec, forged 7075 T6 aluminum construction, our 1911 build kits are 60% lighter than a standard 1911 while affording greater accuracy, ergonomics, and reliability. Finishing your own 1911 with one a 1911 build kit is so simple, anyone can do it. All you need to do is make two basic and drill two holes. Step-by-step instruction are included to ensure you can tackle the job in a single afternoon.

Includes Complete 1911 Parts Kit

Lastly, each 1911 build kit includes every single piece of hardware and part you need to turn a box of metal into a competition- or carry-ready 1911. With same- and next-day shipping available, you’ve got nothing to lose.

Benefits of our 1911 build kits

  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Competes with top-tier 1911s for a fraction of the price
  • 7075 aluminum frame is 60% lighter than steel 1911s
  • Machining requires little to no mechanical knowledge
  • Perfect project for novice or first-time gun builders
  • Includes every part required to build a functional 1911
  • 100% legal to own in all 50 states – NO FFL required!

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