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Why Buy an 80 Percent Lower vs a Complete Lower

It’s an honest question and if you are pretty new to the concept of the 80 percent lower then you might be asking yourself why you want purchase an incomplete product. After all, when you purchase a completed lower then you can head immediately to the range for a little spirit lifting pew time.

Never mind that if you happen to have an extra 30 minutes to spare, you could be at the range after receiving an 80 lower at the door all the same. Whether you go with an 80 lower or a completed AR, we are still proud of you for embracing this gun life either way.

We’d be just a little more proud if you’d see the virtue and possibility of building your own AR with a magnificent 80 percent lower.

Knowledge is Power

One of the primary reasons we advocate 10 times out of ten for people to go other route is rooted in 2A liberty itself. We have all seen how the progressive gun control lobby is chomping at the bit to restrict 2A in any way possible. In states like California they have already don’t their worst. Thank for the brothers and sisters of the pew in the Golden State, we have a California compliant 80 lower just for them.

However, we know this is not the last piece of legislation to drop and more is sure to come. So more than purchase a gun, it’s long past time to start acquiring the knowledge you need to secure your 2A rights forever.

Because they can try and take our guns, but they will never be able to remove the knowledge of how to build your own firearm from your head. That is your and yours to keep forever.

Thankfully, because the ATF considers an incomplete 80 lower nothing more than a large paperweight you can purchase 80 lowers in bulk and have them shipped to your front door. It is all perfectly legal as until the lower is completed with a 80 lower jig the 80 lower isn’t a firearm. We are not asking you to do anything illegal, but you can simply save your crate of 80 lowers in your basement until a rainy 2A arrives where you might need them.

The Pride of Personal Creation Out of an 80 Percent Lower

In addition to acquiring the knowledge, we recommend that you complete an 80 percent lower and build your own firearm to acquire the pride of having created something valuable. It’s not quite a Viking hammering out his own sword, but when you complete the 80 lower and assemble it with the rest of the parts that will be a weapon that you built. There might be many rifles like it in the world, but as the Rifleman’s Creed says, that one is yours.

Because we also guarantee all our products with a 100% Lifetime Warranty and we only use quality American made products you will also have the pride of knowing you weapon will deliver for you when you need it most. Completing an 80 lower is remarkably easy and we think the intangibles this process offers you are off the charts.

So purchase a completed AR out of the box? Meh, we guess you can. The real question is why would you? The ballots have been collected and the results are in. As for us and our households, we will build.


DISCLAIMER: If you are new to the world of DIY gun building, you likely have a lot of questions and rightfully so. It’s an area that has a lot of questions that, without the correct answers, could have some serious implications. At 80Lower Jigs, we are by no means providing this content on our website to serve as legal advice or legal counsel. We encourage each and every builder to perform their own research around their respective State laws as well as educating themselves on the Federal laws. When performing your own research, please be sure that you are getting your information from a reliable source.


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