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Which 80 Percent Lower and 80 Lower Jig is Right for Me

This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine. Those are words imbued in the Rifleman’s Creed spoken by United States Marines for as long as one can remember. It implies a deep connection between one and his rifle. Lives have both been saved and lost at the hands of a rifle, so deciding which one is right for you can in many ways be a personal decision.


Here at we guarantee every product, so it is truly impossible for you to make a truly bad decision regarding which 80 Percent Lower or 80 Lower Jig you choose. That being said, we do offer a wide range of products so let’s walk you through the process and some of the differences you will see. The decision is yours to make alone, but it’s a little easier with a bit of knowledge at your fingertips. After all, if you are looking to build your own rifle then you already love this pew life. There might be many rifles like the one you choose, but the one you choose will be yours.


The Beauty of an 80 Lower


Let’s tackle the 80 Lower itself first. For the novice that might have stumbled across this article, the 80 Lower is simply the lower receiver of an AR that it is 80 percent complete. We don’t know who actually named the 80 lower, but we do admire him for his pragmatism in picking a name. The beauty of such a hunk of metal is that the ATF considers it just that. Namely, a hunk of metal. Until the part of the receiver that hosts the trigger housing group is milled out with a quality 80 lower  jig, and we will get to those later, the ATF is obligated to consider the 80 Lower an oddly shaped paperweight.


That means, you can have these bad boys shipped right to your front door in as many bulk orders with you want without an FFL. Now, we always tell people that we are not lawyers here and thanks to the gun grabbing agenda laws always change. So if there is any question, do a little research on your local laws. That’s especially true for our 2A brothers and sisters behind enemy lines in the state of California. However, for the rest of the land of liberty what we described above is most certainly true. So let’s talk the actual 80 Lower.


Finding the Right 80 Lower


The biggest decision you really have to make with an 80 Lower is whether or not you want billet or forged. That both go pew the same and it’s more of a personal decision to make. The billet lower refers to an 80 lower that is formed from a solid block of aluminum. You might hear it referred to as “bar stock” which simply indicates it was formed into a particular shape by sliding between two rollers. Some simply say that this makes for a more aesthetically pleasing weapon. Are you starting to see why this is a deeply personal choice.


When one refers to a forged 80 lower, they are talking about an 80 lower that has been forged with compression. Think of it as old school hammering with a lot more technology surrounding it. Once finished, it is then fine crafted with a machine that gives you the product you see before you. Many would agree that forged aluminum is stronger than billet based on the metallurgy involved. That being said, neither are known to blow up in your face. A personal choice, but one in which you can’t go wrong.


The 80 Lower Jig


Finally we come to the 80 Lower Jig. Again, you really can’t go wrong here so we won’t spend too much time on the matter. Let’s take the Easy Jig Gen 2 for example. This baby is easy, self-guiding and does all the measuring for you. It can convert from a 5.56 to a .308 in a jiffy and is very forgiving if you are one with shaky hands. Not to mention it is reusable, so buy your 80 Lowers in bulk and save them for a rainy 2A day.


The Router Jig PRO is also a hot trend in that it is guaranteed to work AR-15, AR-10 and AR9 lowers. You can finish your lower fairly quick in as little as 15 minutes. In the end, both will get the job done and we offer even more variety than that. So take a look at your budget and pick your joy with confidence. Building a rifle is a deeply personal decision and all we like to do is give you the information you need to make the decision that is right for you. In the end, this rifle will be yours. There might be many like it, but this one will be yours.



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