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Which 80 Lower Jig is the Best One for My Build?

You’re ready to take the leap and build an AR-15 from scratch – good for you! But before you hit the ground running, you’ll need to consider the most important decision you’ll make during this build: Picking the right 80% Lower Jig. With so many calibers, configurations, and price points out there, it can get a little overwhelming.


Which 80 Lower Jig is the best one for your build?


Find out below:


Most Affordable 80 Lower Jig: The Original Easy Jig Gen 1 80% Lower Jig with Tooling

Hat’s off to the Easy Jig! This simple, incredibly popular 80% Lower Jig was made a crowd-favorite thanks to its simplicity, beautiful design, easy-to-follow instructions, and entry-level price.


The Easy Jig is a no-frills unit that’ll get you up and running in no time.

For its low price, the Easy Jig Gen 1 doesn’t disappoint:


  •         100% Compatible with ALL 80% lowers!
  •         Completes 20+ lowers with original tooling
  •         Completes any 80% Lower in just 45 minutes!
  •         Drilling guide plates constructed of solid aluminum
  •         High-speed bearing reduces end mill bit flex by 59% (compared to other jigs)
  •         Upper receiver mounting points guarantee a true-center fire control area
  •         Individually-replaceable plates make mistakes a no-brainer


The Easy Jig is so great because, well, it’s so easy! Built-in features prevent mistakes from happening, and even if a wayward drill bit of end mill taps the jig, each part can be replaced for a few bucks. If you’re new to the 80 lower game, the Easy Jig will be a top choice.


80 Lower Jig for the Pros: Easy Jig Gen 2 Multi-Platform 80 Lower Jig with Tooling

Maybe you want to dive right into the deep end. Maybe you’ve got some machining experience. If that’s the case, check out the Easy Jig Gen 2 Multi-Platform! Easy Jig took consumer feedback and market innovation and built the Gen 2 to be arguably the fastest, most precise jig on the market:


  •         Complete 80% lowers in less than 30 minutes
  •         90% less drilling than competing 80% lower jigs
  •         No jig disassembly required to remove 80 lower
  •         Insert and remove 80 percent lower in less than 10 seconds
  •         Reduce clean-up time with Shop Vac buffer tube attachment
  •         No drill press required
  •         Self-guiding plates eliminate any guesswork
  •         Drill depth guides ensure each drill point is exactly measured
  •         No-touch side plates reduce chance of damage to jig during machining


If you want to spit out lower after lower – in any caliber – the Easy Jig Gen 2 will keep you busy, but not for long! The Easy Jig Gen 2 requires the least prep and setup, and swapping out lowers takes literally seconds.


80 Lower Jig for Polymer Builds: Polymer80 G150 Phoenix2 AR-15 80% Lower and Jig

The G150 Phoenix2 is an interesting kit from Polymer80 that actually includes the 80% lower! Polymer80’s new 80% AR-15 lower has been tested and proven in many builds already. It provides an ultralight solution for builders who want the absolute most lightweight AR rifle (or pistol) available on the market.


If you’re an early adopter of the polymer AR-15 concept, the G150 Phoenix2’s cost, features, and simplicity can’t be beat:


  •         Weighs just 0.3 pounds
  •         Composite solid core design
  •         Stiffened magazine well
  •         Reinforced buffer tube housing
  •         Integrated trigger guard
  •         Metal inserts for pistol grip, bolt catch pin
  •         Includes proprietary 80% Lower Jig
  •         Works with any other 80% Jig!



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