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Choosing an 80% Jig can seem overwhelming with all the tooling, measurements, features, configurations, and multitude of available milling systems and 80 lower calibers. We’re going to help narrow down which 80 lower is best for your AR-15 build based on your needs! Take a look at the top 80 Lower Jigs on the market right now:

#1: Simplest 80 Lower Jig – The Easy Jig Gen 2

The Easy Jig Gen 2 has been a crowd favorite for some time thanks to its simplicity. Easy Jig built on their Gen 1 platform based on customer feedback and market innovations to ensure the Easy Jig Gen 2 is the simplest-to-understand 80% jig available.

The Easy Jig Gen 2 is so simple for several reasons. For starters, only one hole is required to be drilled prior to milling. The Easy Jig Gen 2 is also guaranteed to work with 23 of the most common and popular store-bought handheld routers. Lastly, the Easy Jig Gen 2 is compatible with every single 80% Lower on the market: AR-15, AR-9, and DPMS Gen 1.

Lastly, the Easy Jig Gen 2’s built-in measuring gauges and its very design allow you to complete your 80 lower with nothing more than a handheld drill. Many other 80 lower jigs require the use of a drill press.

#2: Fastest and Cheapest – Modulus Arms Router Jig Extreme

Want to spit out 80 lowers as quickly and affordably as possible? The Modulus Arms Router Jig Extreme is the 80% lower jig for you. This bad boy can chop up and finish an 80 lower in literally 15 minutes – it’s the fastest on the market.

And coming in at just over $200, the Modulus Arms Router Jig Extreme is one of the least expensive 80% lower jigs currently available. That’s not to say it lacks features by any means – the Modulus Arms Jig is compatible with all 80% lowers, and its patented SpeedMill End Mill Bit makes short work of any aluminum receiver, even a forged 80 lower.

Plenty of other features make the Modulus Arms Router a great jig, even for the pros. 1.5”-thick side plates keep things stable, while proprietary guide pins ensure your end mill never contacts your jig.

#3: Multiple Lowers, Fast – The 5D Tactical Router Jig Pro

If you’re ready to dive right into the deep end of the 80 lower world, the 5D Tactical Router Jig Pro is the jig for you. This premium 80% jig is capable of finishing 80 lowers in 15 minutes, and plenty of other features allow you to swap out lowers and keep machining for as long as your arms will allow.

An included shop-vac allows you to clean your jig off in seconds, while 5D Tactical’s patented ReadyMILL end mill bit system claims to be the strongest available on the market – a good thing for all those different lowers you’ve already added to your shopping cart.

Guide pins, hardened steel, and thick, no-touch side plates provide the same reliability and speed as the Modulus Arms Router Jig Extreme in a jig that allows you to swap out different calibers in seconds.


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