The Polymer 80 Lower: The Cheapest 80 Lower (and it comes with a jig!)

Posted by 80-Lower on May 22nd 2019

The Polymer 80 Lower: The Cheapest 80 Lower (and it comes with a jig!)

Building an AR-15 at home is supposed to be fun. More importantly (if you invest the right way), it's a more affordable alternative to buying a black rifle at the gun store. Building your rifle or pistol with an 80% lower allows you to customize for less! Normally, the most expensive part of this project is buying the 80% lower and the 80 lower jig itself. Most lowers cost $50 to $100, and most 80 lower jigs start at around $200 (like the crowd-favorite Easy Jig Gen 1). But what if you could pick up both an 80% lower and a jig for under $100? Here's the cheapest 80 lower on the market - and yes, it comes with a jig!

The G150 Phoenix: The Cheapest 80 Lower you can buy

Polymer80 Lower Receiver and Jig Kit (AR-15, Black) - Blog Photo #1

The G150 Phoenix is a new Polymer 80 Lower and Jig Kit from our friends over at This new lower promises builders the absolute lowest price possible for your AR-15 project with a sub-$100 price point. In fact, this combo kit costs just a few dollars more than the most affordable forged 80% lower. You might think that paying the lowest price will yield the lowest quality, but that's where you're wrong:

Is the Polymer 80 Lower any good?

To answer simply: Yes. The engineers who designed this lower went through loads of test-firing and redesign to achieve a unit that's capable of handling supersonic rifle rounds (to include .308!). The G150 Phoenix is made from a propriety polymer - essentially, an upgraded material that is already used to build Glock handguns and sub machineguns. The G150 Phoenix sports a few safety and reliability features to ensure it can handle thousands of rifle rounds without failure:

  • Weighs just 0.3 pounds!
  • Weighs 50% less than a completed metal lower (approximately 1.1 lbs vs. 2.1+ lbs)
  • Made of a propriety, composite, solid-core design
  • Features stiffened mag well for rigidity
  • Includes reinforced buffer tube housing
  • Integrated, one-piece trigger guard for better stability
  • Includes metal inserts for pistol grip and bolt catch pin

Many builders have already used the G150 Phoenix to complete their 80% lower builds. If you have any concerns about reliability or safety, they can be laid to rest.

Available in 5.56, .223, and .308!

Polymer80 Lower Receiver and Jig Kit (LR-308, FDE) - Blog Photo #2

Like we said, the engineers who designed the G150 ensured it was capable of handling proper, high-power rifle rounds. The Polymer 80 lower is also configured for LR-308 builds! This ultra-light lower is a great foundation for completing an otherwise heavy, bulky build. It's compatible with all DPMS Gen 1 components and is available in Flat Dark Earth or Black. At around $100, this also makes polymer the cheapest 80 lower you can find for a .308 build.

The cheapest 80 Lower includes its own jig!


In case you missed it, yes: the Polymer 80 Lower comes with its own, propriety jig. It also comes with all the tooling you need to complete the lower! The included jig is also made from polymer, though careful builders can re-use this jig for other polymer builds. Even if you scrap the jig in the process, it's so affordable that you can pick another one up for your next build! Already own an 80 lower jig? The polymer 80 lower is compatible with them, too!

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