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How to Clean Your AR-15

Truth be told, an instructional video is most likely your best bet for a step by step tutorial on how to clean your AR-15. After all, if you truly are unsure how to properly clean this beloved weapon then solid step by step instruction would do you well. When the average recruit steps foot on […]

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80 Percent Lower Buyer’s Guide

It can be difficult to choose your first 80 percent lower. After all, you need to consider three different calibers, two types of manufacturing processes, and the legalese and steps needed to complete your 80% lower into a finished AR-15 lower receiver. Here’s a convenient  80 Percent Lower Buyer’s Guide to help make the whole […]

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5 Tools Needed to Complete an 80 Lower

Completing an 80% lower is super easy – but it can be a real PITA if you don’t have the right stuff. Today, we’re talking about the five tools needed to complete an 80 lower! If you’ve been reading and researching, rest assured the tools listed below may seem optional, but they’re highly recommended based […]

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