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Is an FFL Required When Finishing an 80 Percent Lower?

Easy answer is absolutely not. The more difficult answer is to check in on the latest round of gun grabbing hysteria and act accordingly. The internet has a way of preserving articles like this and we simply can’t promise you that future legislation will match your current reality. Nor do we claim to offer legal advice in any shape fashion or form.


That being said, the beauty and liberty of building your own AR with an 80 percent lower is that you do not need a Federal Firearm License to complete or own this magnificent weapon. Even behind enemy lines in the State of California you do not need an FFL because this is regulated by the ATF. So rest easy as of early 2019, but stay frosty for what is to come. For future’s sake let’s break this down a little further shall we?


The Liberty of an 80 Percent Lower


First and foremost, for the novice who may have stumbled across this article let’s break it down Barney style for a moment. An 80 percent lower is the lower receiver of an AR that is, wait for it, 80% complete. The part of the weapon that hosts the trigger housing group is solid aluminum and until that part is milled out with quality 80 lower jig the ATF does not consider this a firearm.


In all reality, the ATF considers this an oddly shaped paperweight at the most. This means you can purchase as many of them as you want and have them shipped directly to your front door. Your biggest fear in life will not be the ATF, but the random package thief scouring your neighborhood.


The reason why this is important has more to do with liberty’s sake rather than economics. Although, buying 80 percent lowers in bulk is a wise investment given the current trend in gun legislation. You see, once you master the remarkably easy process of building your own AR that is knowledge the government can never take from you.


Anyone watching the news today can understand that while the constitution is in our favor, trending sentiment may not be so. This is what makes an 80 percent lower so essential and this is exactly why the gun grabbers are already crafting legislation against it. Which brings us to the latest state of affairs in the state of California.


California We’ve Got you Covered!


For now at least. California, you are already knee deep in gun control legislation and the only thing stopping California from going after all guns is the constitution itself. Again, we are not legal experts so don’t take our word for the gospel. As of January 1, 2019, all finished firearms must bear a serial number in the state of California. That means once you’ve done your duty and finished out 80 percent lower be it .308 or not, you’ve got to apply for a serial number and pay a fee. Why a fee? Because government, that’s why.


Leaving no man behind, we will continue to service lovers of 2A in California the best way we know how as you see above. Again, read your local laws for you own sake. Yet, as we understand it we can continue to sell to our brothers and sisters of the pew in California accordingly.


Which brings us back to the point of this article. No, you don’t need an FFL to finish an 80 percent lower. Tomorrow, we can promise no such thing. The time to embrace your liberty is now, so don’t forget to check out the rest of our instruments of liberty at



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