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Differences between AR9, .308 and AR-15 80 Percent Lowers

With so many calibers available in the 80 percent lower market, we figured it’s appropriate to properly break down all your available options. Ready to build a badass SBR? What about a featherweight AR pistol? Maybe you’re interested in a rugged, mil-spec AR-15 chambered in good ole’ 5.56. Here are all the differences between the AR8, .308, and AR-15 80 percent lowers!

#1: The AR-15 80 Percent Lower

Ah, the O.G. 80 percent lower. This is the lower that started it all – and it’s the most popular by miles for that reason. Simply put, if you want to build a standard AR-15 from scratch and spend the least amount of money as possible doing it, you’re in the right place.

AR-15 80 percent lowers come in a few configurations: Billet, forged, and coated or raw. Billet lowers are made from 6061 T6 aluminum and they’re the crowd favorite because they’re a little easier to machine. Forged lowers are crafted with 7075 T6 aluminum and they’re favored by those who love all things mil-spec.

Raw lowers come with no coating whatsoever, allowing you to apply your own paint, powdercoat, anodizing, or water transfer finish (and they cost less!). AR-15 80 percent lowers are compatible with all AR-15 parts, uppers, and internals available on the market.

#2: The AR-9 80 Percent Lower

We’re excited to bring the new AR-9 80 percent lower to market! Recently introduced, this 80 percent lower comes chambered in 9mm, and it’s compatible with all Glock magazines! Unlike AR-15 lowers that have been converted to accept 9MM, our design is proprietary.

Available in forged and billet, our AR-8 80 percent lower features an integrated trigger guard, competition-style feed ramps, and a unique, lightweight design with a broached mag well. The AR-9 80 percent lower is compatible with nearly all available 80% Lower Jigs, too! Most standard AR-15 upper and lower components are not compatible with the AR-9, though we have all parts kits and uppers you need!

#3: DPMS Gen 1 .308 80 Percent Lower

Notice we don’t call this one an AR-10 lower – because technically, it isn’t. Our DPMS Gen 1 .308 80 percent lower is built upon DPMS’s own variation of the AR-10 platform. Many of the original ArmaLite-10 platform’s components are not compatible with the DPMS Gen 1 lower, though DPMS has created a considerably large “AR-10” market with their own platform.

And yes, of course, we sell all the Gen 1 .308 components you need, including uppers, parts kits, buttstocks, buffer tubes, springs, and accessories. The DPMS Gen 1 .308 80 percent lower is also compatible with most (if not all) 80% Lower Jigs, so any compatibility concerns should be of no concern.

The DPMS Gen 1 lower is also available in forged, billet, coated, and raw configurations.

Pick it up with an 80% Lower and 80% Jig Combo, save a little cash, and get to building!


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