80 Lower Jig Spotlight: Router Jig PRO Multi-Platform by 5D Tactical

Posted by 80-Lower on Jun 13th 2019

80 Lower Jig Spotlight: Router Jig PRO Multi-Platform by 5D Tactical

* This post contains photos from the 5D Tactical Router Jig Pro Instruction Manual

The Router Jig PRO by 5D Tactical is the latest and best 80 lower jig hitting the market. This jig is already being considered the fastest and most capable by new and seasoned builders alike. So, here's this week's 80 lower jig spotlight: The Router Jig PRO Multi-Platform by 5D Tactical!

The Router Jig PRO at a glance

The Router Jig PRO sports a nice blue anodized finish and at first glance, it looks like a beast: 1.5"-thick side plates are provided to stabilize your hand drill.

A shop vac attachment has been included for easy maintenance and clean-up while you work. A beefy router adapter plate is included with four set screws to keep everything locked in while you work the router and mill the fire control cavity.

  The Router Jig PRO Multi-Platform, introduced by 5D Tactical

Important features:

  • Completes an 80% lower in 15 minutes
  • Compatible with AR-15, AR9, and LR-308
  • Requires only one pilot hole for milling
  • New, patented ReadyMILL end mill bit
  • Shop-vac attach for easy clean-up
  • Built-in drill depth guides (no measuring required!)
  • Re-designed guide pins to align bit in fire control group
  • Includes all necessary drill bits and pins for all lowers
  • Easy-to-follow written instructions

What's included:

The Router Jig PRO includes all the components needed to machine any 80% lower. This includes the buffer plates, adapters, and pins needed for AR9 and LR-308/AR-10 lowers:

The big bonus: The ReadyMILL End Mill Bit

5D Tactical made the Router Jig PRO for the 80 lower jig market with one goal in mind: Build a massively over-qualified end mill bit and router plate to get the best possible finish in the fire control group area. Milling with a jig and handheld router is naturally less stable than using a vise and drill press or milling machine. The Router Jig PRO is designed to address that.

Two of the most critical parts of any 80 lower jig is the adapter plate and end mill bit. They're responsible for ensuring the fire control group is machined precisely and cleanly.

The bigger and shorter the end mill bit, the more stable it is. The ReadyMILL bit was shortened down to just 1.5" (most bits are 2.25"), reducing tool chatter and run-out. This affords a cleaner, professional finish in the fire control group.

Guess-free milling with guide pins

The Router Jig PRO is easy to use because of how it mills the fire control cavity. Some jigs work by allowing the end mill bit's shank (the upper shaft of the bit itself) to ride along the guide plates. This causes natural wear and tear on the jig's plates and the end mill bit.

The Router Jig PRO's guide pins (left) and the guide pin cavities (right).

Instead, the Router Jig PRO uses two guide pins on the router adapter plate, and two guide pin cavities on either side of the top plate. This provides a bigger viewing area to watch your bit work while you machine.

Compatible with all 80% lowers

The Router Jig PRO is compatible with all 80% lowers. 5D Tactical had to re-think how an 80 lower jig secures a lower receiver. 80 percent lowers are all shaped slightly differently, so using their magazine wells or external fittings to secure them in a jig would produce inconsistent results - mis-aligned holes, and off-center fire control groups.

The Router Jig PRO uses your 80% lower's front and rear takedown pin holes and buffer tube housing to secure. This guarantees the fire group cavity and lower parts kit holes and cuts will be made to fit and align with your upper receiver, regardless of caliber. The Jig includes adapter plates for the AR-15, AR9, and LR-308 buffer tubes.

Built-in depth gauges

This is now a common feature among most 80 lower jigs, but it's worth mentioning: The Router Jig PRO does include depth gauges on the top plate for sizing up your ReadyMILL bit. These gauges help ensure you're removing the right amount of metal - not too much, not too little. This is a nice feature because it removes the guesswork of calculating how much you need to machine the fire control cavity.

Importantly, different depth gauges are provided instead of one, single, long gauge. This is a nice check-your-work feature. You have to swap out the guide pins on your adapter plate before moving on to gauges #2 and #3.

Router compatibility

The Router Jig PRO is compatible with many handheld routers. The ReadyMILL end mill bit system was also designed in four versions, so it can accommodate the different routers most builders use. We put together a nice, convenient compatibility chart for you to determine which version you'll need.

Now sure which router to pick? We wrote a complete guide on picking the best router for your 80 lower jig. You can read it here to help you decide.

5D Tactical Router Jig PRO Router Compatibility Chart - blog photo 3


The Router Jig PRO from 5D Tactical is a wickedly cool 80 lower jig. We like it mostly because of its ReadyMILL end mill bit, but it sports plenty of other cool features. The included guide pins and top plate make milling your lower easy and worry-free. The Router Jig PRO is compatible with all 80% lowers on the market, making it a great all-in-one solution for your future AR builds.

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