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AR Parts

AR Parts

Quality AR parts for your black rifle or pistol build.

What good is the AR platform if you don't have access to all the parts and custom components you need to outfit your rifle or pistol? That's why we've got a full catalogue of quality AR parts that fit just about every caliber and configuration you could build. Whether you need a 9mm conversion kit, want an upgraded trigger, or you're starting your build from scratch, you'll find just about everything you need for your new receivers right here.

Mil-Spec Lower Parts Kits

The lower parts kit is the heart of the AR build: It contains the hammer, trigger, and innards that make your receiver function with your upper assembly and bolt. Without a good parts kit, you have an inaccurate and unreliable AR-15. We've got quality mil-spec LPKs that include all the parts you need to assemble your lower with confidence, including parts kits for 5.56/.223, and LR-308 builds to include 6.5 Creedmoor.

Lightweight AR Handguards and Rail Systems

The handguard you pick for your AR can make or break a build: Go with something heavy, clunky and uncomfortable and you'll lose accuracy and comfort. We've developed custom, lightweight handguards for your AR-15 that boats averages weights of 1 pound or less, with rock-solid single-piece designs that are free-float with an easy installation.

AR Accessories for Extra Customization

The AR platform has dozens of accessories that let you set your rifle or pistol apart from the pack. Whether it's a single-point sling, double-mag holder, new buttstock or foregrip, we've partnered with top AR accessory makes to offer up all the bits you need to outfit your new build.

We are a national retailer of individual components and not all products depicted on this website are legal in every state. Shipping of various products found on this website are prohibited to some states (such as California, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Hawaii, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, and Washington). The information, pictures, text or products presented on this website are not a representation by us, and should not be understood by you, that any product or completed firearm is legal to assemble or own in your state of residence. We encourage each and every builder to perform their own research about the state and federal laws that apply to them. It is your responsibility to understand the law and we encourage you to consult with an attorney or your local ATF representative.