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Customize your AR-15 easily and affordably.

Accessories are what set apart your AR-15 from all the other rifles - especially those overpriced units sitting on gun dealer shelves. You probably built your AR rifle or pistol from a parts kit, and now it's time to make it lighter, faster, more comfortable and easier to use. 

High-Speed Magpul Slings

Magpul's been outfitting police and military units with slings for years, and for good reason: They're incredibly reliable, lightweight, comfortable, and easy to attach. Thanks to Magpul's QC Sling swivels and attachment points like their ASAP QD Sling Latch Plate, you can enjoy a perfectly balanced AR that hangs ready and comfortably.

Upgraded Drop-in Triggers

A drop-in trigger provides the easiest and best upgrade for your new AR-15, especially if you're running a basic stock trigger. A drop-in trigger doesn't require a bunch of individual springs and install steps. Simply remove your hammer and trigger pins, take out the fire control parts, drop the new trigger in, and reinstall your pins. Drop-in triggers contain the hammer, trigger, disconnector, sear, and all springs required for operation, improving trigger feel and reset and even providing adjustable pull weights.

Foregrips & More

A vertical or angled foregrip provides exponentially better recoil control and accuracy, while adding virtually no weight to your AR. Grab a grip and easily attach it to your M-LOK handguard, or pair it up with one of our custom free-float handguards for a 2-in-1 upgrade.  

All accessories backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

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