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5 of 5 Items

If you’ve made a mistake machining your first or next 80 lower, don’t sweat it – we sell quality 80% jig replacement parts to support your next build. You’ll find the quality jig replacement parts you may need because of that minor mishap or general wear-and-tear. Our 80% lower jig replacement parts come directly from their respective jig manufacturers, so you’re guaranteed to get a quality part that’s made to work just like the original stuff. Our jig parts are also affordable, with individual bolts and guides starting at just $6.99!

Using a worn out guide plate or block could result in a finished 80% lower that just doesn’t work – your parts kit may not even fit! If you’re on the fence about whether your jig is serviceable, don’t chance it. Just pick up the right 80 lower jig replacements parts from the available dropdown menu, and we’ll have your shipped out the same or next day. Using replacement parts will extend the life of your jig and ensure your next rifle or pistol build goes off without a hitch.

80 Lower Jig Replacement Parts Benefits:

  • Keeps your machining longer, for less!
  • Ensures your next lower doesn’t suffer poor machining
  • Guarantees you don’t throw away a busted lower
  • Proudly made in the USA by original manufacturers
  • Eliminates the need to buy a whole new 80% lower jig
  • Ships the same or next day with affordable, flat rates

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