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  • Phantom 1911 80% Jig by Stealth Arms Phantom 1911 80% Jig by Stealth Arms Phantom 1911 80% Jig by Stealth Arms Phantom 1911 80% Jig by Stealth Arms Phantom 1911 80% Jig by Stealth Arms

    Phantom 1911 80% Jig by Stealth Arms

    Building quality guns in your garage was once a dream – not anymore. If you want to part together a top-tier 1911 in less than a day and do it for pennies on the dollar, you’ve found the tool you need: The Phantom 1911 80% Jig by Stealth Arms...

    MSRP: $250.00
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Just as the AR-15’s 80% lower has taken the home gunsmithing world by storm, so too does the new Phantom 80% 1911 jig. This easy-to-use jig kit allows you to cut and drill your own top-tier 1911 frame with little knowledge and simple hand tools. 

Building vs. Buying a 1911

Designed and tested by some of America’s best gunsmiths, the Phantom jig is the easiest way to affordably build a 1911 using an 80% frame blank that would otherwise carry a premium price tag at the local gun store. Pair your jig with an 80% 1911 frame and you'll have everything you need to fabricate the foundation for your new .45 ACP or 9mm shooter. All frames listed here are compatible with retail 1911 parts, but we recommend picking up a complete 1911 Build Kit. You’ll have everything you need with one order!

This guide compares 80% 1911 frames and retail frames.

1911 Jig: Tools Required

The Phantom jig and 80% frame require no milling machine or specialty tools to get the job done. All you need to do is make two basic cuts and drill two holes into your frame blank using the Phantom jig. The jig guides your cuts and drilling points for you, so no special measuring or other equipment is required! Each jig includes the necessary drill bits and a handheld cutting car to get the job done. The carbide cutters you need come installed and ready to go right out of the box.

View our instructions and visual guide to see the steps required for completing your frame.

Benefits of The 1911 Jig and 80% Frame

  • Build a 1911 at home with little knowledge
  • Machining requires little knowledge and no guesswork
  • Includes step-by-step instructions with tutorials available
  • Compatible with Government and Commander 1911 frames

State Laws Vary

Counter to federal law, some states have enacted restrictions or bans on partial firearm kits, individual gun parts, and 80% lowers. We cannot fulfill any orders placed by residents in those states. Please check out Shipping & Returns page to confirm whether your state is restricted before attempting to place an order.


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